The Standbys Open

We had the privilege of creating the main titles and all graphics for The Standbys, a New York Times Critics’ Pick documentary feature film.

The Standbys follows a variety of undiscovered performers for several years through their ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, onstage performances and private lives.

For the logo and title treatment, we wanted to convey that the the story played more like a feature than a traditional documentary, as well as work with the idea of a life spent in the shadows, out of the spotlight. The final title evokes a grand cinematic story, underscored by white circles evocative of footlights. The light illuminates only briefly, casting a momentary shadow against the backdrop.

I am grateful to director Stephanie Riggs for allowing us to share the full opening sequence from her film.

Film directed by Stephanie Riggs
Design and Animation by Declan Zimmermann
Additional title design: Tony Ringor
The Standbys website
The Standbys on IMDB