The Congressman Main Title Sequence

For the main title sequence of The Congressman our goals were to create a visual sequence recalling classic film titles of the 1960s and 70s with just a hint of a modern feel, and to find an elegant solution within the resources of an independent production.

In addition to the main titles, the sequence also had to tell Charlie’s backstory through a series of archival photos and clips.

Working closely with editor and co-Producer Johanna Giebelhaus, we developed a sequence anchored by a handwritten main title, evocative of both the lawmaker’s signature and the intimacy of the narrative. The tiles reference both the pieces of Charlie’s life, which may be falling apart or coming together, as well as the frame through which the illicit photographer is spying on him.  The sequence is rounded out by subtly moving rectangles and credits that frame the historical narrative and set the tone as we move through history to the present day.

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Creative direction, design and animation: Declan Zimmermann
Picture Editing: Johanna Giebelhaus
Online Editing and Color Correction: Troy Thompson